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Independent self-determined development

As a certified Reader/Healer by the IFI (Institute for Intuition, Cologne, Germany) I offer you the possibility of a professional, subtle energetic work to activate your self-healing powers. You can take individual sessions in the form of Healings and/or Readings. This can give new impulses for your self-determined development and strengthen your intuition.

Readings – Healings

During a Healing session some personal issues or matters that are no longer sustainable can be put in motion or resolved and your intuition strengthened. A Reading describes in an informative and graphical way your current energetic situation.

Reading topics can include: Status quo reading (Where am I now, what occupies me?), Reading on your potential capabilities for personal and professional fulfillment, Relationship Reading, Vocation Reading, Company Reading, Health Reading, Child Reading, Family Reading.

Together, we will determine which form of energetic work is the most appropriate for you.


For nearly 20 years, I have been living between Germany and Spain. The headquarter of Cosmo Mundo is situated in Cologne. I also offer Healings and Readings in Ibiza.

For an appointment or additional information please contact me on info@cosmomundo.com or on +34 666 158 229 | +49 176 96878298.



Svenja Giese